Monday, March 17, 2014

Which Engineering Should I Pursue

Assalamualaikum and wuhuu! I am back from my 'vacation'. Haha, my so-called vacation. Actually, I've gone nowhere. Today, I gonna write in English because I feel to. Since it have been a long time I graduated from STF, I've seldom write in English. I am very afraid that I would forget and get errr when someone ask me to write or speak in English later. So, here we go!

Correct me if my English gets upside down please!
Ok, just now, my father texted me and he asked me to go online and get more infos about my further studies. I am really into Engineering. However, I don't know which Engineering I should pursue. -,-''
So, I took an online quiz and this is the result...

The Engineering Personality Quiz
You're always thinking of a zillion things at once. You tell stories with great points that meander creatively. You enjoy life. There are only a few chosen people who really understand you and know how to get you to open up.

You might make a good
Chemical Engineer
Chemical engineers help figure out how to convert raw materials or chemicals into useful forms. They improve how we refine petroleum, design new plastics, or optimize paper production.

Other scores:
Chemical: 53%
Aerospace: 30%
Environmental: 30%
Electrical: 30%
Materials: 23%
Computer: 23%
Industrial: 23%
Mechanical: 23%
Civil: 15%

What kind of engineer should you be? Find out at

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