Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Biasiswa Nasional 2014

I was urged by my parents to blog about my experiences. Since these past time, my parents always reads blogs about other previous SPM leavers. Well, I was a 2013's SPM leavers and I have not gain any experience regarding interviews yet.

I managed to get Biasiswa Nasional 2014 and the ceremony was held at INTAN Bukit Kiara last Monday which was on 31st March 2014.

Since I don't have any experience yet about the interview, I would like to share about the Biasiwa Nasional. As usual, after the SPM's result was announced, all students including me would get superb busy to apply for the scholarships. I have already applied for MARA (my first target), PETRONAS, YTN, MMC, UEM, Security Commision,and Bank Negara. During my chat with my schoolmates, she told me that she had applied for Bursary and I was like "what? whats that?". She said it was KPM's scholarship. So, I surfed the KPM's website and key in my IC number and password. I was very dissapointed as my name was not on the list. I rechecked for almost 5 times and I asked my fellow friends. It was such a relieve because not just me who did not listed.

Fafa, Ain, and Sarah were not listed to. I told my friend who informed me about the Bursary and she said "maybe you will get Biasiswa Nasional". I was really shocked and started to hope for it. Actually, I have never dreamt to get Biasiswa Nasional. When I got 9A+ for SPM, I also did not quite believe it to the point that I scanned my slip for like 100 times (ok, this is exaggerating :P)

For about a week, Fafa and I got really curious about our fate. My friend from KISAS was very sure that I would get Biasiswa Nasional. Finally, Fafa told me that she received a call from JPA regarding the Biasiswa Nasional. I waited for my call and my phone was by my side all the time.

ALHAMDULILLAH...At last! The officer from JPA called me and she asked about a few of my personal details including email. So, here I am, at INTAN Bukit Kiara.

I was smiling widely. Hahaha

STF, my school


Sarah, Ain, Me and Fafa

We were allowed to choose either KYUEM, Taylor College or Kolej Damansara Utama. The deadline for our response is on 8th April which is today! A week after the ceremony.

To avoid the hassle,on the very same day of receiving the offer letter, I have already replied informing my acceptance and now, I am waiting to be enrolled to KYUEM. InsyaAllah.

Actually, I wanted to be in Kolej Mara Banting as an IB student and I had surveyed KMB for a quite some time.However,  Allah has a better plan for me. I fell in love with KYUEM since my family and I visited the college on our way home from INTAN. I can't wait to start studying again for my a-level ! :) Pray for me!

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  1. Hi! May I know the average trial marks of you and your friends? �� also, congratulations!